Our service is informed by a single core belief. The client is not always right, but we are always responsible. It’s our duty to ensure a successful outcome in every effort, and this ends and begins with accountability.

key areas


End to End Ecommerce

Discovery to Launch, and everything surrounding those efforts. If it has to do with selling stuff online, we’ve done it and can do it for your team as well. End to end means we can handle all aspects of an implementation, or only the elements needed.

User Experience Design

Our design team leads the way, but it’s not just a pretty coat of paint we bring to bear. We design to attract, to retain, to streamline, and to convert. And of course, to have a curb appeal that impresses your most discerning visitors, doing justice to your brand and business.

Magento 2 Migration

From participation in the original M2 beta program, to creating custom M2 modules, to helping craft the M2 certification program, our team has a deep history with Magento 2. We can move you over from your current platform with relative ease. Leave Magento 1 before it reaches end-of-life and take full advantage of Magento 2’s expanded B2B functionality.

System Integration

Nothing digital exists in isolation, and ecommerce is no exception. We integrate ERP, CRM, ESP, DAM, SSO, POS, OMS, custom APIs, mobile apps and more, with each other and Magento. We work with our clients to map out even the most complex multi-platform scenarios.

Managed Services

Digital commerce has no finish line, and there is no treading water. You stop improving when you want sales to stop growing. As a boutique agency, managed service is a part of our DNA. We handle everything from audits to patches, CRO to security, training to UX calibration, emergencies to long-term planning. Customized to fit, available 24/7/365.

Custom Development

When out-of-box functionality reaches its limit, you haven’t reached yours. ATF’s engineers have built 100s of custom modules and configurators for ecommerce platforms. We love to take unique and involved problems and solve them through digital artistry. Bring it.

Digital Marketing

Digital commerce is a marathon, not a sprint. And really, more like an ultra marathon. In a world of snake-oil sales SEO and SEM, ATF’s digital marketing team will map out a multi-faceted strategy to tackle the long term goals of driving traffic and retaining customers. There are no magic wands, no one-size-fits-all when it comes to digital marketing. Employing a healthy cocktail of cutting edge tools & techniques will slowly grow your KPIs. Best-in-class email marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, paid campaigns, loyalty, and rewards. We even have a globally recognized podcast strategy & production team at your disposal.

Brand Identity

ATF leading with design means you don’t have to. Have a stale, stagnant brand in needing of a spit-shine polish? A total re-imagining? ATF’s design team has created brand identity for Fortune 500 companies, but can right-size an exercise for your business without spending unnecessary time and money spinning gears. Style guides, mood boards, brand bibles, logo creation - the whole nine. Your story must shine through your business to differentiate who you are. ATF harnesses your unique essence and distills it into a look & feel fingerprint.

Strategic Focus




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Equipment & Parts

Ecommerce Maturity / Roadmapping

Overengineering can be as harmful as under-scoping. Right size the tasks at hand for the needs of your business today. Lay out the roadmap for what’s to come.

Fundemental Change

ATF will deliver tough news when it is needed, and sometimes, you have to wipe the slate clean. Put a stop to sunk costs, no more good money after bad. The rebuild process will go down collaboratively & pragmatically, dissecting past calamity and charting course for calmer waters.

Incremental Change

If it ain’t all broke, don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. Or something like that. An entire overhaul should be a last resort. Through a comprehensive technical and UX audit, we’ll get a litmus on current state, map out the steps to right the ship, and sail ahead more confidently into smoother waters.


Business and technology are challenging enough, why add unnecessary BS? If you’re about that life, exit stage left. If not, move on up to the front and drop us a line.