Why is Social Media Marketing Such a Vital Tool for Businesses?

  • As of January 2022, there are 3.96 billion total social media users across all platforms. (statista)
  • The amount of time adults use social media across all platforms is 95 minutes per day; the highest it’s ever been to date. (emarketer)
  • In a month, the average user will visit 7.5 social media platforms(hootsuite)

Build relationships with today’s audiences on the networks they enjoy most

When done well and to scale, social media marketing is a fun, creative and practical way to engage with modern audiences, that also empowers brands to:


Develop a Digital Presence & Brand Visibility

Social proof is the new normal. Brands who invest the time and effort into utilizing the right social media platforms in the right ways for their businesses stay and grow with the changing times and establish a digital footprint integral for visibility.


Drive Revenue & Engagement

Growing an engaged following on social media is a powerful tool to increase sales by delivering quality content and memorable digital experiences that deepen your trust and rapport with audiences and platform algorithms alike.


Increase Organic & Paid Website Traffic

Effortlessly market your products, services and web content across a multitude of networks where people are and direct them back to your website.


Build Long-Lasting Relationships & Community

Cultivate trust and affinity with customers through consistent, useful and intentional social media communications that tell a story about your brand and drive them further into your sales and marketing funnel.

What’s the secret to social media marketing?

Being intentional, consistent, accessible, adaptable and patient in your approach to create engagement-driven content that people want to experience and share with others.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Checklist

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