As a Shopware agency, we partner with B2B and B2C brands to bring their ecommerce vision and growth goals to life.

Shopware leads the way as the #1 ecommerce platform in Europe and is making big waves in the US market with its human-centered technology and design. The open source platform offers incredible flexibility with an API-first approach, an intuitive admin, and robust CMS features that allow for the creation of customized, omnichannel shopping experiences like no other ecommerce platform out there. As one of the few agencies partnered with Shopware in the US, we’re excited to help ecommerce businesses here build and grow on the platform.

We’re an end-to-end Shopware agency.

If you’re considering migrating to Shopware from another ecommerce platform, or you’re looking for support on an existing Shopware site, ATF is here to assist with every aspect of your digital journey from design & engineering to system integrations and digital marketing.

Shopware 6 Native Features Include:

  • Drag & drop shop pages for easy content management and landing page design.
  • Workflow and Automation features including Rule Builder and Flow Builder to simplify manual actions and processes.
  • Customer experience features including customer groups to easily manage pricing and promotions for various customer tiers, adaptable search. Cross-selling, and tag management.
  • Inventory & order management features including physical, digital or dynamic product types, payment and shipping integrations, and category management.
  • B2B functionality like the gross/net price view which allows stores to define which customer groups get which prices displayed and which tax rates should be valid.
  • Option to connect unlimited sales channels for true omnichannel integration.
  • And more!


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