Business Refueled

Well-known in the commercial aviation industry for their quality refueling trucks and related products, Garsite first broke into the ecommerce space to sell to both their B2B and B2C buyers over a decade ago. In recent years, their market share increased significantly and their outdated software was incapable of scaling with them. Garsite reached out to ATF to modernize, streamline, and automate their daily business processes.

Magento 2

The Challenge

Garsite’s varied product lines and categorization, B2B and B2C audiences, and the extremely manual nature of many of their business processes made clearing a runway for this project a challenging undertaking. We needed to gain a thorough understanding of their operation and pain points in order to streamline and automate their business. After a multi-day exploration exercise with key members of their team, ATF developed a plan to upgrade Garsite’s ERP and integrate it with the latest version of Magento 2.4 Cloud Commerce via a custom API and middleware messaging queue system. The new programmatic interconnectivity between Garsite’s ERP and M2 store saved countless hours and risk of human error by automating the order process and lead messaging, eliminating the need for paper pushing, emailing, calling, and data entry.

In addition to the work under the hood, Garsite’s navigational structure, category hierarchy and design needed an overhaul. We re-architected their product categorization and revamped the design with the latest UX/UI best practices to reduce friction for customers and increase conversions.


• Business consulting
• Onsite discovery
• UX/UI design
• Website development
• ERP integration

Project Highlights

Garsite’s ecommerce store is no longer holding them back, it’s refueled their business and is the tool propelling them forward.

ERP Integration

Streamlined Infor VISUAL integration allows Garsite to keep up with their rapid growth without adding to their team’s workloads.

B2B Centric

Updated design meets the needs of B2B buyers, improves order fulfillment, and reduces stress on the company call center.

Account Segmentation

ATF configured the site to segment and group customer accounts for customization of product catalogs and automated target marketing efforts.



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