Commerce Enabled Dealer Portal Solutions for Manufacturers

Transform engagement with your distribution channels

For most manufacturers and OEMs, your dealer channel is the main source of revenue for your business. Our custom created Dealer Portal is chock-full of modern-day solutions to make your dealers more efficient and effective in selling and servicing what you produce. B2B ecommerce, interactive product configurators, ERP & CRM integrations, sales calculators, and an easily accessible library of marketing & training materials are just a few of the features that ATF's Dealer Portal platform provides.

Save time and resources with self-service

Helping your dealers sell more and meet customer needs means giving them tools to excel, such as marketing collateral, configurators, pricing, technical specs and more.

Gain valuable insights into your portal’s performance

Measure success, from high-level usage statistics to identifying popular content, regional & rep specific sales data, search terms, or identifying areas for improvement.

Fully commerce enabled

Your dealers can place orders large and small from their desktop or mobile devices - or for the more traditional, use the portal to negotiate and create orders to submit manually.

Key features

Best-in-Class B2B Commerce

Best-in-class ecommerce functionality means making complex, manual tasks simple & automated. Provide an easy way for your business buyers to purchase products & parts, track their invoices, or call in & have your internal team place orders on their behalf. And, if you haven't already, make the plunge and sell direct to your end consumers, without disenfranchising your traditional sales channels.

  • Order, Quote & Invoice Tracking
  • Buying Roles & Organizational Structures
  • ERP Integration
  • Account Registration & Financing Applications
  • Analytics & Business Intelligence Data
  • Multi-Site for Tailored Buyer Experiences
  • Unified B2B & D2C – even B2B2C

Sales & Marketing Support

Don't replace the human-to-human sales engagement, enhance it. Empower your dealer sales channel with weapons-grade tools, information, and efficiencies that make it easier for them to sell your products. Give them more face-time with the end-customers and less time fumbling through administrative tasks and outdated information.

  • Product Configurators
  • AI Targeted Content & Promotions 
  • Mobile Sales Enablement Apps
  • Digital Asset Libraries
  • CRM Integration
  • Email & Marketing Automation
  • ROI, TCO, & Custom Sales Calculators

Training & Service Support

Provide the resources to develop your dealer technicians, engineers and your end-buyers. From learning management systems, interactive product configurators, video libraries, and even educational materials delivered to the palms of their hand. Recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, and leveling up - everything your dealers need to level-up their staff in a highly competitive and scarce job market and support their customers post-sale.

  • Learning Management Systems
  • Self-Service Support Portals
  • AI Powered Live-Chat
  • Training Programs & Certifications
  • How-to Content Libraries
  • Workforce Development Toolkits
  • Warranty Tracking & RMA Support
  • Aftermarket Sales

Flexible deployment, highly customizable

ATF's Dealer Portal provides a modular theme, rich with out-of-box functionality, circumventing months of development from scratch. But it doesn't stop there. Extend your Dealer Portal with custom modules and integrations built-to-fit, and built to last.

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Product Configurator

Bring your products to life. Allow users to easily build, view, and order their own custom products.
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System Integrations

Pre-built and custom integrations between Magento and your inventory, financials, customer records and more.
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Sales Calculators

Empower dealer sales with ROI, TCO, finance calculators and more. Closing tools when they need them, where they need them.

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Mobile Sales Enablement

Push up-to-date content and custom sales tools directly to the pockets of your sales reps. Globally, in real time. Even offline.

Simplicity can be complex. Let us handle the hard stuff.