UI/UX Design Services

Visually engaging, clean, and effective commerce-focused websites designed with the end-user in mind, that’s what ATF’s award-winning designers deliver every time.

Ecommerce Website Design

Whether you’re a B2B brand or DTC retailer, we know how to create a seamless user experience that will have your unique customers clicking that "Buy Now" button in no time. From intuitive navigation to eye-catching product imagery, we know what it takes to create a website that not only looks appealing but also drives sales. Because otherwise, what’s the point?

What's what


User Experience (UX) Design

With UX design, we create intuitive experiences, smooth interactions, and delightful moments that leave users wanting more. It begins with a foundation of understanding your target audience's behaviors, needs, and goals, and from there the design takes shape. Think of us as digital architects meticulously crafting virtual storefronts that captivate and convert. With our expert touch, we design seamless journeys that guide customers through the purchase funnel from browsing to checkout.

• Discovery
• Heatmapping and data analysis
• UI/UX audit
• Information Architecture
• Wireframes


User Interface (UI) Design

Our designs are more than pixels on a screen; they're virtual storefronts that showcase your products in a way that makes them irresistible to your potential customers. From colors and typography, to lifestyle photos and icons, every visual element is added with purpose. If our role as a UX designer is one of an architect, you can think of the UI designer as an artist and they work hand in hand to blend aesthetic and function.

• Visual interface / mockups
• Interaction design
• High-fidelity clickable prototypes
• Style Guide

Gains at any stage



We'll transform your vision into a captivating ecommerce reality, crafting a user-centric design that drives conversions and delights customers.



Breathe new life into your ecommerce site with the help of our expert designers, delivering a refreshed look and feel that elevates user experience and boosts conversions.


Maintenance & Evolution

Our strategy: test, polish & improve. We employ A/B testing to continually refine your ecommerce site, ensuring ongoing design enhancements that increase sales.

Data Empowered Design

We're not just designers, we're data obsessed designers because great UX/UI design is a combination of creativity and analytics. That's why we use heatmapping and data analysis to drive our recommendations and designs. We dive into rage clicks, bounces, drop off trends and more to identify where your path to purchase needs to be ironed out.


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