Security Focused

For more than 45 years, GloryBee has provided one of the largest assortments of raw honey in the world to wholesale and retail customers. The team at GloryBee came to Above The Fray with an interest in advancing the technology on the back end of their ecommerce website. As corporations experienced more frequent outside threats from hackers, GloryBee was interested in heading off potential security issues. GloryBee was determined to find the right proactive partner who would prioritize security and site performance.

Magento 2

The Challenge

GloryBee was using an outdated hosting solution that wasn’t able to provide the security and speed support necessary to operate a modern ecommerce business. We suggested moving them from their current hosting to Webscale, helped them complete that transition and upgraded them to the latest version of Magento at the same time.

Project Highlights

In addition to hosting and Magento upgrades, ATF began proactive security monitoring and just as the team had worried, a suspicious login attempt was inbound from Uruguay. The ATF team quickly acted and revoked admin access for all IPs and only re-authorized verified GloryBee team member IPs who required admin access, securing the site and preventing what could have been a malicious attempt to access the site.

Hosting Migration

We migrated GloryBees’s web hosting to Webscale to improve security and website performance.

Magento Upgrade

ATF upgraded GloryBee from Magento 2.3 to 2.4 to ensure they were covered by all of the latest security updates and had access to the latest features.

Security Monitoring

ATF conducts monthly monitoring to protect GloryBee’s website from malware, viruses, and hackers.


Scaling up our security protocols to meet the demands of the business, and the times, was a vital measure we knew the company needed to protect ourselves and our customers from potential cybersecurity threats. ATF delivered the right approach and the right tools, empowering us with the vital systems and support we need to keep our website secure around the clock.

Eric Engelstad

E-Commerce Manager,




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