Software Project Rescue

There are countless reasons a software project might need to be rescued. Development company go under? Software developed doesn’t meet your initial, must-have requirements? Project way over budget or off the timeline? Dog ate your code? No matter the reason, it’s stressful. Time is money and you need a team that can help you get your project back on track.

Getting Your Project Back on Track

At Above The Fray, we understand that software development can be a rocky road. That's why we've developed a proven rescue process to get your project back on track, no matter how dire the situation may seem. Our experienced project managers, business analysts, and developers are dedicated to righting whatever’s gone wrong whether your project has been impacted by deadline, budget, or quality concerns.

Our Software Rescue Project Process


Code Audit

We’ll take a look under the hood and review the site’s codebase for flaws, modified core files, and integrations. The audit document will include a full list of what was reviewed, issues discovered, and our recommendations to remediate.


Gap Assessment

We’ll assess exactly how far your software rescue project is from MVP, what still needs to be developed and which parts still need work in order to get you to the finish line. Facing a tight deadline? We can help you re-define what should be included in MVP and what can be roadmapped future phases, so you can go live faster.



In 10/10 rescue projects, no matter the reason for failure, we find that there’s been a significant breakdown in communication. That’s why we're obsessed with transparency. With weekly status meetings, you’ll always know where things stand.


Timeline Management

When we take over a project, it generally means that the project is behind schedule. We’ll produce a timeline for each phase of the project, broken down into sprints, and actively ensure that the project keeps moving.


Development & QA

Whether your project was 10% or 90% of the way there, our experienced developers can hop in and complete it to your outlined specifications. We’ll QA throughout the process to ensure the development meets our quality standards and give you time to complete user acceptance testing before we call the project done.

Platforms we work with:



Need help getting a project in crisis turned around quickly? We can help.