The Fruit Company

Conversion Rate Optimization

The Fruit Company, a fruit basket gifting business operating in the Hood River Valley of Oregon, has run a successful subscription and gifting company for more than 80 years. Much of their growth over the last several decades was attributable to not only their outstanding reputation, but also their digital marketing strategy. At the start of this year, they began to notice a dip in website conversions and revenue and asked ATF to conduct an analysis of website performance to see if we could identify what was causing the decline.

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The Challenge

When The Fruit Company reached out to us for help, they were looking at a 95% decrease in conversion rate year over year. It was a big problem that had to be solved quickly. We conducted a thorough analysis to pinpoint exactly when the major decline occurred and from there further investigated the changes that took place on that date and leading up to it. Two significant and unrelated changes were made at the same time that made it difficult to isolate what was at fault for the significant decline in conversion rate. The first was a website deployment updating form validation and error messaging the other was the launch of a new PPC campaign type. Our team conducted sitewide QA and made a test purchase to verify that the site was functioning properly. The second change was a new campaign that resulted in a 600% increase in PPC traffic. 

After we confirmed the deployment was not an issue, we recommended that our team conduct a full PPC audit of their account to identify the cause of the decline and make recommendations to their PPC agency on how to address it. Our PPC audit revealed that on the same day as the website deployment, a new Google Ads campaign was turned on and was running at such high volume that it highlighted a misfiring conversion tag that had been in place for several years.

We worked with their team to fix the conversion tracking and made several recommendations to reign in their ad spend to get their PPC account back to profitability, from a conversion rate low of 0.31% up to 3.48% – a 1,000+% increase.


We worked closely with the team at The Fruit Company and their PPC agency to repair their PPC account, optimize their conversion rate, and get them back on track.

Conversion Rate Analysis

We used Google Analytics to conduct a thorough review of website performance, analyzing site speed, channel, browser, device, and date ranges to narrow down the cause of the conversion rate decline.

PPC Account Audit

We conducted a thorough PPC account audit, not only identifying the tracking problem and reason for the conversion rate issue but providing dozens of recommendations to improve account performance.

Ongoing Monitoring

ATF now provides ongoing weekly monitoring of The Fruit Company’s PPC account to identify any issues and offer ongoing recommendations for testing and optimization.


Above The Fray has become a valuable partner during our transitional time. Their expertise, teamwork, and quick action has been pivotal to solving our PPC AND conversion rate obstacles. Amongst being our development team, they’ve offered support, expertise, and solutions at a moment’s notice. There reliability and ingenuity has been a solace to our company in areas we’ve had deficits.

Rhea Ortiz

Director of Sales and Merchandising,

The Fruit Company



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