Looking for a better front end solution for Magento? Enter Hyvä.

Elevate your ecommerce experience with a customizable, responsive, blazing fast theme that offers unmatched performance for your customers. The streamlined development process Hyvä offers allows us to prototype swiftly, providing you with a tangible glimpse of your storefront in record time. As proud partners of both Adobe and Hyvä, Above The Fray brings the perfect combination of expertise and innovation to help you take on this update whether you are migrating from another Magento theme or another platform entirely.

Hyvä Themes Features & Benefits

Hyvä Checkout

Hyvä benefits don’t stop at the point of checkout – the Hyvä Checkout product is the ultimate solution to address the key conversion challenges of Magento 2 checkout. Developer-friendly, seamlessly integrated with the Hyvä front-end theme, offering stellar performance that is 13 times faster than the default Luma checkout, Hyvä Checkout is a smart add-on to an already exceptional product. We can help you transform your customer’s experience from first visit all the way through purchase with Hyvä.

Full Compatibility with Adobe Commerce

Need a theme that’s compatible Adobe Sensei and the suite of B2B features offered with Adobe Commerce? Hyvä Enterprise is fully compatible with all of the Adobe Commerce features while offering better performance than any alternatives out there. Plus, you’ll get access to continued updates and ongoing support of the product to ensure it remains up to date as Adobe Commerce releases updates. Let us help you build your Hyvä Enterprise store.

Our Hyvä Services

Hyvä Theme Custom Design

The Hyvä theme is a blank canvas. Whether you want to tweak your current design or go for something completely new, with Hyvä and our award-winning designers, anything is possible.

Hyvä Custom Build

Our team of experienced Hyvä Magento engineers has decades of experience in ecommerce development and can help you create the high-performance store your customers are seeking.

Hyvä Compatible Modules

We can help you customize your existing extensions to work with your new Hyvä theme or help you choose from dozens of options that are already built for Hyvä.

Hyvä Maintenance & Support

Once your theme is live, you’ll still need a team in your corner to support your site’s ongoing maintenance and evolution. We offer a variety of support options to meet your needs..

Page Speed & Digital Marketing Services

Hyvä offers impressive page speed scores and core web vitals, but maintaining them is another story. Above The Fray’s SEO team can help you keep those important metrics intact and help you drive more qualified traffic to your store.

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Want to learn more about Hyvä? Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation, we’d be happy to talk over the pros and cons with you to see if it’s the right fit for your store.


Why our developers love Hyvä

The seamless and intuitive Hyva code not only enhances productivity but also empowers our team to deliver superior, high-quality results.


Why our designers love Hyvä

It’s a blank canvas, so there’s total flexibility to recreate an existing design or create something totally new – no limits.


Why our digital marketers love Hyvä

100/100 Google pagespeed scores on mobile and desktop out of the box…need we say more?


Why clients love Hyvä

A faster site means more visitors converting and sales increasing. Plus, it’s faster and cheaper to develop. What’s not to love?

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