Jane Roots Website Integrations

Above The Fray is a proud partner with Jane Roots, a headless eCommerce solution for the cannabis retail industry. As the cannabis market continues to normalize in the nation, it is now more important than ever for digital brands to set themselves apart from other retailers, and create a truly custom, branded shopping experience. The cannabis industry is ever-evolving, and the flexibility and the infrastructure of Jane Roots can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Branded User Experience

With many dispensaries moving online, it can be hard to stand out with the few options available. Jane Roots provides you with the tools necessary to craft a custom online experience for your customers that will achieve brand recognition and the experience needed to create a unique shopping experience.

End-to-End Customer Relationships

Jane Roots has an array of tools to manage retailer contact with the customer. Secure your site with their built-in authentication system JaneAuth, allowing for product recommendations and quick reorders. With personalized login and registration, a user can review rewards points, past orders, and select their preferred retail store all from the account page. Use webhooks for custom checkout messages and cart messages. Authenticate reviews for products that provide meaningful insight into products.

Streamlined Checkout Experience

Jane Roots handles all the logic in the backend so you can focus on growing your business. Jane Roots facilitates the checkout experience in a way that will conform to the operational requirements of each retail store. Offload the complexities of per store management to Jane Roots

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