Ecommerce Web Security to keep your business protected

Above The Fray and Sansec have partnered together to offer you the latest and most complete security software package for ecommerce websites.

Above The Fray has Partnered with Sansec

An industry leader in security solutions, to bring you expertise in secure web and application development, security management, and more. With combined knowledge and experience in digital security, Sansec and Above The Fray are poised to provide you with ecommerce security solutions to protect both you and your customers. With the ever-developing digital world and increased demand for secure websites and applications, Above The Fray and Sansec are here to help.

See how Sansec is the best choice in security for your business


Automated vulnerability tracking and detection system that monitors for attacks and malicious software, allowing ATF to respond quickly to threats. Get real time notifications, threat risk scoring, and detailed reports identifying zero-day bugs.


Custom and automated reports give you invaluable insight to uncover weak points, risks, and potential threats allowing you to make data-driven decisions about your site’s security.


Robust, real-time threat intelligence so you can detect and prevent malicious attacks. With a layered approach to cyber security, you can trust us to help protect your assets, improve visibility into potential threats, and ultimately prevent data breaches with proactive protection.


Server-side monitoring provides you with comprehensive insights into activity across multiple sites. Using smart AI to detect anomalies and fraudulent activity to keep customers safe. Set the scan at a specific time, daily, weekly, or perform ad-hoc checks.

Tested and Proven

At ATF, we understand exactly how costly a malicious attack can be, not only the significant financial costs, but a potentially irrecoverable hit to your reputation. That’s exactly why we chose to partner with Sansec, who’ve specialized in ecommerce security since 2015 and offer the most advanced and comprehensive malware protection solution to keep our clients’ websites secure.

Start protecting your business today.