What is Ecommerce Intelligence & How Does It Work?

What comes to mind when you hear the term ecommerce intelligence? Do you imagine tiny robots inside an ecommerce store analyzing every customer interaction, identifying behavior trends, and then using that data to take over the world? If you did, you’re not far off. There aren’t technically any robots involved and no one is taking … Continued

The Best Shopify Email Marketing Apps Ranked

Email marketing is an essential part of growing a Shopify business and it’s often overlooked by ecommerce business owners. With a well crafted email you can turn abandoned visitors into customers, past customers into repeat customers, and even boost your average order value.  If you don’t have any prior email marketing experience, getting started can … Continued

Magento Security – 7 Steps to Lock Down Your Ecommerce Site

Want to know all about the latest security measures you can be taking (and should be taking!) to protect your ecommerce site? We wrote a blog about it on Webscale. Visit their blog to read the full article.  Cyber crimes are on the rise and like all ecommerce platforms, Magento websites are a prime target … Continued