SHOT Show 2024 Recap: How the Shooting Industry is Leading the Way in Retail

SHOT Show 2024 Recap: How the Shooting Industry is Leading the Way in Retail

Over the last decade, hunting and target shooting have become more popular in the United States, with demographics expanding to include more women and people of color. This increase has led events like SHOT Show to grow exponentially, as it welcomes people from all walks of life to experience the shooting industry.

In fact, it is the largest event held at The Venetian Expo and even expanded into Caesars Forum in 2022. SHOT® stands for Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade and in 2023 alone attracted 52,000 professionals in these industries to Las Vegas for the event. Our Senior Account Executive, Taira Hernandez, was at the show to experience it in all its glory. Here are some of her highlights from SHOT Show 2024.

A Dynamic Trade Show for Hunting and Shooting Enthusiasts

SHOT Show has been running since 1976, with attendance climbing steadily over the last few decades. Their years of experience can be seen in how well-organized the event is. Unlike some of the other events serving this industry, SHOT Show admission is only open to businesses and government entities in the shooting, hunting and outdoor trade as well as commercial buyers and sellers of military, law enforcement and tactical products and services, ensuring a relevant audience for exhibitors.

The event is incredibly diverse and boasts visitors from the world over including countries like Turkey and Japan, among others. Exhibitors range from small family-owned businesses to large enterprises, each bringing their unique offerings to the show.

In addition to walking the exhibition halls packed with dynamic and creative displays, raffles, auxiliary events, and networking opportunities made for a really engaging experience at SHOT Show 2024.

Taking the Opportunity to Educate Consumers

In addition to all of the fun, organizers of the event also ensured there would be plenty of learning opportunities at the show as well. With the help of non-profits, event attendees were able to access information on firearm safety, regulations, and even mental health.

There were also plenty of conversations surrounding the sustainability of guns and other shooting materials. Studies show that consumers are more concerned about sustainability than ever, so it was fantastic to see that SHOT Show addressed the issue head-on. In this regard, the shooting industry is blazing the trail for many other segments in retail.

Enjoying Happy Hour with BigCommerce

It wouldn’t be a real tradeshow without attending a networking event or two! Taira enjoyed having a cold one and mingling with professionals from both the shooting and ecommerce industries at the Happy Hour hosted by BigCommerce, ASWi, EBizCharge, and NoFraud at the Sugarcane Bar in the Venetian.

There were some excellent conversations about ecommerce and which solutions were most popular at the moment. The Happy Hour was a great opportunity to put out feelers for what businesses are looking for and currently using when it comes to ecommerce solutions.

Shooting For The Stars

SHOT Show’s unprecedented growth is indicative of how its dedication to quality and excellent organization have paid off over the decades. It’s no surprise that people from around the world want to attend this show. Beyond its dazzling displays and huge array of exhibitors, the event prioritizes community and education, setting a commendable standard for industry trade shows. Our Senior Account Executive, Taira Hernandez had an amazing time and is excited to return for SHOT Show 2025 with more of the Above The Fray team in tow!