ATF Is Headed to Shoptalk 2024

ATF Is Headed to Shoptalk 2024

Are you headed to Shoptalk this year? We are, and we couldn’t be anymore excited! It’s always one of our favorite events of the year, so much so that we had to draw straws to decide who on the team got to represent ATF this year. Christopher Carson, our Chief Revenue Officer; Erin Hunt, our Chief Creative Officer; and Dannica Hutton, our Sr. VP Sales & Solutions Engineering, were the lucky ones to draw the long straws this time around.

Here's Why We're All Amped Up for Shoptalk:

1. Face Time with Our Current Partners

One of the main reasons we love going to Shoptalk is because all of our partners go. It’s a great time not just to catch up, but to strategize and coordinate wins for our clients. These face-to-face meetings are invaluable for realigning and reconnecting to better understand how we can coordinate our efforts to drive value. If you are one of our current partners and you’ll be at Shoptalk this year, please reach out and let’s set a time to grab coffee and coordinate some wins for our clients this year!

2. Grow Our Solutions Toolbelt

Ecommerce is always evolving, and staying ahead means continuously expanding our areas of expertise both in-house and through our network of partners. We’re always on the lookout for innovative new offerings that align with our vision and allow us to offer more comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions to our clients. If you’re doing something exciting and new, we want to meet you and explore how we can work together.

3. Learn About the Future of Ecommerce

One of our main goals at Shoptalk is to dive deep into learning. We’re excited about this year’s agenda and can’t wait to hear what these speakers have to share. Understanding emerging trends, technology, and consumer behaviors is what allows us to stay at the forefront of the industry and continue to be a trusted resource for our clients.

Let’s Connect

So, before you start thinking about what to pack, why not reach out? Be sure to connect with Chris, Erin, and Dannica on LinkedIn so we can find a time to sync up.