ZuSo Dental

Concierge Service

Zuso is a subscription-based software designed for dental practices to help them streamline and manage procurement. It’s the only product on the market providing full-service functionality with supplies, equipment, repair, and maintenance vendors all in one place. They came to Above The Fray looking for a team to help them mold and polish the software they had envisioned.

Vue 2, Magento 2 Headless API

The Challenge

The portal had to combine product data from a wide variety of industry suppliers and manufacturers so that customers could have a single platform to order supplies and services from. Customers would need to be able to add products from different vendors to a single cart. The portal would need to properly prepare purchase orders for each individual distributor or manufacturer ordered from so that the orders would still be eligible for dental practice discounts that the clinic already had in place.


• Gap Analysis
• Development

Project Highlights

The portal was built using Magento 2 and a headless customer vue.js front-end. It features many custom functions including an Order Approval Process, Account-based Tagging and Pricing, as well as an intuitive, easy-to-use Admin suite.

Data Storage System

We built a robust manufacturer/distributor data storage system to properly generate purchase orders with the required information for order fulfillment.

Order Reconciliation System

An Order Reconciliation system was built into the platform that allows customers to update their pricing to include manufacturer discounts and order at that pricing level for future purchases.

Quick Re-Order Process

Customer order history makes it easy for dental practices to quickly re-order the items they need frequently without having to browse through product catalogs or look up supplies by item number.



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