Quesada Watch

Where Timeless Begins

When Silicon Valley craftsman and entrepreneur Eric Quesada moved to Portland, Oregon, he followed a calling to create a passion project; building timepieces paying homage to sub-culture industries that help define ways of life. The first watch line he was to create reflected a Pacific NW staple crop and community; cannabis. Armed with the vision & means to manufacture, he needed a team that didn’t just punch the clock & take orders, but collaborated proactively to help carve out a new wrinkle in time.





We Got Your 6

A blank slate is a beautiful, but scary place to enter. Never one to be daunted by a challenge, the Quesada team and ATF began by imagining and refining a brand identity that would stand up for the ages. This identity was created from the ground up, distilling Quesada’s vision through a series of strategy and discovery initiatives. The style guide built was used to design an entire suite of digital brand assets, and the extended ATF team provided not only ecommerce design & engineering, but also copywriting and photography.

  • Onsite Discovery
  • Responsive Design
  • Brand Discovery & Identity
  • Strategy Workshops
  • Style Guide
  • Logo Creation
  • Collateral Design
  • Content Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Product & Lifestyle Photography
  • Ecommerce Design & Build


Business and technology are challenging enough, why add unnecessary BS? If you’re about that life, exit stage left. If not, move on up to the front and drop us a line.