L.H. Dottie

Bolting Ahead

L.H. Dottie is a 4th generation family-owned supplier of top quality parts for Electrical, Plumbing, Industrial, Low Voltage, Renewable Energy, and HVAC businesses. They were in the process of re-building their website and migrating from Drupal Commerce to Magento 2 when they realized their current agency was not a good fit for their needs. They came to Above The Fray looking for assistance to rescue the project and take it across the finish line.

Adobe Commerce

The Challenge

Because this project required us to come in with the build already in progress, we had to abandon our typical discovery process and instead decipher the intricate scope of the site and understand the dynamic requirements of the client’s business through a more continuous discovery process.

After diving into the code, our team discovered a substantial number of serious issues in the existing infrastructure built by the previous agency, demanding a comprehensive overhaul of much of the existing code. With the disappointments the L.H. Dottie team had already faced, it was critical that we earn their trust throughout each step of the project. Our transparency, robust processes, and professionalism were pivotal in building their confidence in our team and putting the project back on track.

The Solution

As a result of our thorough discovery and requirements gathering sessions, our Business Analysts and Technical Architects were able to fully understand the complex processes and wrap their heads around exactly what L.H. Dottie needed. These sessions not only facilitated the continuous devising of project scope but also served as a dynamic forum to unearth new requirements and refine our approach. We were able to complete the build with all of the must-have features, and re-ignite the passion and excitement the L.H. Dottie team has for providing an exceptional ecommerce experience for their customers.


• Rescue
• Audit & Roadmapping
• UX Consulting
• Development
• Maintenance & Evolution

Project Highlights

ATF’s rescue not only met the immediate needs of L.H. Dottie, but also positioned them for sustained growth and adaptability in a competitive market.

Real Time Pricing Service

Adding a solution to simplify and manage the frequent updating of millions of customer-specific pricing records was a key to overcoming a limitation Adobe was unable to handle natively. The Redis solution we engineered is optimized for rapid loading and retrieval of large, simple datasets and significantly streamline operations for the L.H. Dottie team, reducing a process that used to take weeks to run to just under ten minutes.

Dynamically Generated Content

ATF eliminated the need for redundant data entry by linking up previously disparate data systems so that the content on site could be updated dynamically based on the source of truth, making it much easier and hands-free to manage.

Single Sign On (SSO)

ATF implemented an SSO so that admins could enjoy the convenience of only having to manage a single whether they were accessing the Magento platform or the client’s Business Intelligence platform.

Oracle Integration

Our team constructed robust APIs and webhooks to connect L.H. Dottie’s Oracle ERP integrator with the Magento platform ensuring  a seamless integration and effortless connectivity.

Sales Team Enablement

ATF built a streamlined, lightweight dashboard where all of L.H. Dottie’s sales representatives can view a list of their assigned customers and easily launch the order entry process. This solution both empowers and enables their sales team.

Modular Packaging Options

ATF incorporated standard individual packages, sleeves, and master package (pallets/crates/large boxes) increment options on relevant product detail pages, so customers could easily purchase products packaged in the most convenient way possible for their business needs.



“Before engaging with Above The Fray, our company was struggling to navigate our existing Magento implementation with our previous developer. Above The Fray's remarkable approach, characterized by their transparency and principled ethics, was a refreshing change that attracted us. We quickly realized that their sincere honesty and openness superseded any prior trust issues making us wish we had partnered with Above The Fray from the onset.”

Alex Satnick

Business Development Manager, L.H. Dottie


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