CSL Lighting

A Showroom That Shines

CSL Lighting, an architectural lighting company that specializes in recessed, pendant, and cylinder downlighting applications, has been manufacturing exceptional lighting for three decades. To celebrate the milestone, CSL decided it was time to re-launch their brand and wanted a new website that would offer a thoughtful, visually strong, smooth, and memorable experience for their customers.


The Challenge

The biggest challenge with CSL’s new website design involved how we could effectively communicate detailed and technical product information and specs to both their technical and non-technical audiences in a way that was clear and still visually appealing. Featuring beautiful, high-quality imagery on product landing pages with call out features for designers and also providing line drawing, installation guides, and dimmer compatibility downloads for architect and lighting specifiers was a delicate balance.


• Brand Refresh
• UX/ UI Design
• Information Architecture
• Responsive Design

Project Highlights

CSL’s new website design shines a spotlight on their unique product catalog and meets the needs of their target audiences.

Expandable Spec Table

Our design features the key specs for each product with a button to expand the table to see the full list of product specifications.

Pre & Post Install Imagery

We designed the product pages to feature both pre-installation product photos and design photos of the products once installed.

Sticky Navigation

We pinned the navigation on the product detail pages to the top of the page so that users would always have quick access to technical product downloads.


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