Equine Elixirs

No More Horsing Around

Equine Elixirs’ preexisting templated Shopify store was pulling on their reins, bringing growth and customization to a halt. Redesigning on Magento 2 has given Equine Elixirs free range to gallop. Ready to beat the competition and trot into the winner’s circle, they can now leap over their previous blockers to create a fast and elegant shopping experience.

Magento 2

The Challenge

To mature from a one-trick pony to a thoroughbred stud. Saddle-up their site with functionality for dynamic reporting and analytics, customer and order management, and automation of time-draining manual processes and activities. Provide customers with the ability to customize their orders for more convenient delivery and personalized ordering.

• Business Consulting
• Onsite Discovery
• UX/UI Design
• Development

Project Highlights

Their all-new store is off to the races with best in show features to help users navigate, decide, and manage their orders.

Flexible Subscriptions

Never run out with auto-ship reordering, with the option to pause and skip deliveries.

Supply Calculator

Determine the right amount to purchase per number of horses with a supply calculator.

Merge Shipping Dates

Order multiple products, but have them delivered together for fewer shipments.

Dynamic FAQ

Company FAQs plus product specific FAQs dynamically populate on the product detail page.

Equine Elixers Screenshot


Special thanks to these integrations for helping Equine Elixirs achieve the e-commerce triple crown.

Equine Elixirs Mobile Screens


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