Doing Something Big

Oddball is a specialty shoe store offering great quality, affordable shoes in sizes 14 to 20. The business was founded in 1997 by two brothers, Seth and Zac Longaker, who you guessed it, have very big feet. Like many businesses, the idea for Oddball came from turning the problems the brothers were having finding name brand shoes in their sizes into an opportunity. Over the last 20+ years, Oddball has grown from a brick and mortar shoe store to an international ecommerce retailer of shoes, socks, insoles and apparel for the large footed man. In 2021, Oddball came to ATF ready to redesign and expand their online presence.


The Challenge

Finding the right balance of refreshing the look of the site while also remaining true to the brand that loyal Oddball customers know and love was one of the primary challenges of this project. Oddball wanted to improve user experience on site and give the design a more modern feel but at the same time wanted to maintain key elements that felt central to their brand identity.


• Brand Refresh
• UX/UI Design
• Development

Project Highlights

Oddball made a big move from Magento OpenSource to Shopify and got with it a fresh look and loads of features their customers will love.

Shop By Brand

The ability to provide brand name shoes in large sizes was central to why Oddball was founded. The new design allows customers to shop by brand clearly showcasing recognizable logos from top name brands.

Enhanced Search

We added a prominent search bar with enhanced search capabilities to ensure customers could get quick, relevant product results and search suggestions that update as a user is typing their query.

Mega Menu

The fully redesigned navigation allows users to browse every category of shoes at once and reduces the number of clicks required for a site visitor to get to the products they want to buy.



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