U.S. Air Filtration

A clear choice

U.S. Air Filtration, a major player in the air pollution control industry, has a mission to help their customers achieve peak production in their facilities by providing exceptional service, products, and expertise in air pollution control. To further that mission, the B2B manufacturer came to Above The Fray ready to invest in their first ecommerce website to enable their customers to transact online.

Adobe Commerce

The Challenge

Over 80% of U.S. Air Filtration’s orders were complex, custom orders that required significant back and forth with a sales representative to ensure the fit would be perfect before the customer was comfortable placing an order. An incorrect fit could result in a plant shutdown causing 10s of thousands of dollars a day. Customers didn’t want to give up having a dedicated sales rep. The main challenge for U.S. Air Filtration, and other B2B manufacturers like them, was finding the pieces of the business that could be moved online as an initial phase to add value without upsetting customers or their sales representatives.

The Solution

ATF took a crawl, walk, run approach and divided the initiatives into multiple phases. The initial MVP build includes the ability for customers to purchase stock products online and a customer portal allowing them to easily place re-orders and track existing orders. Future phases will include an integration with Salesforce and ultimately a custom product configurator that will enable their customers to quickly and easily order the customer parts they need with confidence.


• Discovery
• UI/UX Design
• Development
• Pre-launch SEO
• Maintenance & Evolution

Project Highlights

The new site enables U.S. Air Filtration to sell products online for the first time, improve their customer’s experience, and support their sales team.

PDP Promos

In addition to selling U.S. Air manufactured and branded parts, they also carry a variety of OEM parts. ATF added a custom promo section to the PDP to show the U.S. Air version of the part when visitors were browsing OEM or other manufacturer parts to highlight their faster ship time.

Learning Center

To enhance the new site, a comprehensive learning center has been incorporated, offering a diverse range of educational materials, including blogs, videos, and podcasts. This resource is dedicated to air pollution control, industry trends, and best practices, serving as a valuable asset for both existing and potential customers.

Easy Reorder

Adding a customer portal with account history and easy option to re-order and track current orders was something all customers interviewed agreed they wanted and was considered a must have addition to the first phase of this project.

Quote Request

We also added a convenient way for customers to request a quote for specific non-stock products directly from the product detail page, making it easier to get in touch with a sales representative that was already equipped with information about what they were interested in.



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