Titan Electronics

Shielding The Future

Titan Electronics, a family-owned business specializing in cable management and wire protection for industries such as aerospace, defense, transportation, rail, energy, electrical, and space, sought to enhance their digital presence and ecommerce capabilities. After several years of partnership with our agency, Titan Electronics undertook a strategic shift to BigCommerce, rightsizing their ecommerce platform to align precisely with their specific business requirements and goals. The project was a collaborative “do-it-with-you” venture, with Titan’s Operations Manager, Kathryn, actively involved, supported by our team’s expertise in design, engineering, and migration SEO. In addition to the platform migration, our ongoing digital marketing services, encompassing SEO, content, and social media, have been integral to their digital strategy for about four years.


The Challenge

For Titan Electronics, the journey from Magento to BigCommerce was more than a simple platform change; it was about overcoming the technical intricacies and potential pitfalls of migrating large data sets, ensuring continuity in customer experience, and maintaining their SEO rankings. With a limited budget and a technically savvy client, our collaboration took on a uniquely synergistic approach. Having established a strong trust in our expertise through years of successful partnership, Titan Electronics relied on us to not only recommend the most suitable platform but also to provide strategic support in areas where they needed it most. This collaborative effort was key to ensuring a smooth and cost-effective migration.


• Digital Marketing
• Platform Migration
• Development
• Managed Services

Project Highlights

This strategic move to BigCommerce enabled Titan Electronics to enhance their ecommerce operations, take advantage of its user-friendly interface, and capitalize on the platform’s lower maintenance costs.

Theme Selection

We helped Titan select a BigCommerce theme that would require minimal design changes or feature customizations from their Magento site.

Homepage Refresh

Revitalized Titan’s homepage with a design refresh, modernizing the layout for a cleaner, more contemporary user experience.

Ongoing Digital Marketing

Continuously managing Titan’s online presence through persistent SEO efforts and social media strategies, constantly updating and refining tactics for optimal digital marketing results.

The Results

The successful migration to BigCommerce and ongoing digital marketing efforts have been pivotal in transforming Titan Electronics’ digital footprint. Our collaborative approach, combining technical expertise with attentive client service, has not only streamlined Titan’s ecommerce operations but also significantly enhanced their online presence, setting a strong foundation for continued growth and success.

increase in organic traffic YoY

After our full M2 redesign for Metal Mafia, their orders increased by 1.6x in just one year.

increase in purchases YoY

After our full M2 redesign for Metal Mafia, their orders increased by 1.6x in just one year.

increase in engaged sessions YoY

After our full M2 redesign for Metal Mafia, their orders increased by 1.6x in just one year.


We’ve seen a remarkable increase in our traffic and a decrease in our bounce rate. Above The Fray’s services are amazing, but it's their incredible staff that really makes the difference. They're very attentive, personable, and accommodating of all our needs.

Kathryn Wigginton

Operations Manager,

Titan Electronics


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