Your Advanced SEO Questions Answered

Your Advanced SEO Questions Answered

Have the SEO fundamentals down but want to know more about some more advanced SEO tactics to grow your organic reach? We’ve got some of the most commonly asked questions from SEOs below and our answers to help you take your strategy to the next level.

How Do You Do Keyword Clustering?

Keyword clustering is a tactic that involves using similar or related keyword terms within SEO copy. Rather than using the same exact keyword phrase over and over again,a variety of related long tail keywords can be used throughout your content to sound more natural and actually help you rank for a greater variety of keyword terms.

What Markup Language Is Most Commonly Used For Sitemaps?

Across the web, HTML is the most commonly used markup language for sitemaps, but XML is actually the preferred format if you are trying to provide information to search engine bots rather than humans. There’s no harm in having both on your site. HTML sitemaps are most commonly found in the website footer and your XML sitemap should live at

Do Long Urls Affect SEO?

As a general rule, URLs should be as short as possible while remaining descriptive and including your target keyword. There are so many factors that come into play when Google is deciding where and how to rank your pages and the length of your urls falls near the bottom of that list. This is not a factor that we worry about.

What Is HARO?

HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out, it’s a great way to share your authority on a topic and build valuable backlinks to your website. If you’ve already gone after all of your unlinked brand and product mentions, submitting answers to HARO queries is a great way to get your name out there and build links.

Can AI Generated Content Rank?

AI generated content has its limitations, but has definitely improved significantly in the last several years and can be a great starting point when you need to write SEO content in bulk. When you need to create product descriptions for 100s of new items you are adding to your product catalog, for example, it can easily generate a short description that you can edit and optimize for search.

Final Thoughts: Advanced SEO Strategy & Tactics

SEO is a long term marketing solution that yields formidable results but only when done strategically and consistently. No single tactic is going to be your golden goose. Layer some of these kinds of tactics into the bigger picture of your harmonic digital marketing plan to get the best results.

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