Powerful B2C Marketing Automation Strategies

Powerful B2C Marketing Automation Strategies

Marketing automation offers a lot of benefits. Cutting down time spent on repetitive tasks, personalizing communication with your customers, improving efficiency and ROI of your marketing efforts are some of the top reasons B2C brands are investing in automation tools and technology. When done well, marketing automation strategies can be extremely powerful and effective at helping you build a better relationship with your customers and increase conversions. When done poorly, it can alienate your customers and create a really poor experience that actually drives your customers away.

So what’s the key to getting it right


Automation triggers must be based on accurate and relevant data to facilitate connection and conversion.

Here are our top picks for B2C Marketing automation strategies and tips on how to implement them well:

Welcome Emails

A welcome email or welcome series is a really easy and really effective way to make a great first impression on your customers and potential customers. These types of emails can be triggered by a new sign up to your newsletter or marketing list, a customer account creation or even a first purchase with your company. 

It’s a simple way to build the relationship with your audience and help them get to know your brand. It may require a single email or a series depending on the complexity of your product offering and the amount of information you need to convey.

The great thing about a welcome email is that it’s one of the lowest lift automations you can set up and it provides a great return.

Geo-based Push Notifications

For B2C businesses with brick and mortar locations, geo-based push notifications are highly effective at driving foot traffic to your store. Using the GPS on a customer’s mobile device, push notification software can detect when someone from your opt-in marketing list is within a certain range of your stores. 

Consider sending an SMS message with a coupon for customers on your list who enter within a ½ mile radius of your business.These tools allow you to customize the range, time frames, frequency, and messaging so you can hone in on what’s most impactful.

Product Recommendations

Product recommendations are a really compelling way to use marketing automation technology. Whether it’s done via email or on-site for logged in customers, recommending products or accessories that go well with recent purchases or that are commonly bought by others who have purchased the same products can dramatically impact ecommerce conversion rates. 

Showcasing replacement parts for past purchases at common wear periods is another smart way to automate product recommendations using a specific customer’s data and historical buying patterns across your customer base to personalize a customer’s shopping experience with the most relevant items they are in-market for.

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