ATF Launches New Site for SAVE the BEE

ATF Launches New Site for SAVE the BEE

Above The Fray has successfully launched SAVE the BEE’s new WordPress site with an exciting brand refresh.

SAVE the BEE’s new digital hive is officially live today! Check out their updated design, refined messaging, and enhanced website functionality that showcases their distinct digital identity and positions them as a leader in pollinator conservation.

The heart behind the project

At Above The Fray, we believe that business can be a force for good, and that as leaders in the industry and in business, it is our duty to enhance the communities we work within. That’s why we’ve dedicated our team’s resources and expertise to collaborate with SAVE the BEE on this pro-bono project. SAVE the BEE is an incredible 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on pollinator conservation.

The organization is dedicated to protecting honey bees and through a multi-faceted approach they aim to address the complex challenges facing bee populations and ensure the sustainability of these essential pollinators. Some of their work includes increasing awareness about the importance of bees, funding research to understand and combat declining populations, educating beekeepers on best practices, creating bee-friendly habitats in farms and parks, advocating for pesticide reform through legislative support, and providing resources to farmers and gardeners, encouraging alternatives to pesticides.

Exciting new updates

The newly launched website features a visual and messaging overhaul, enhanced donation CTAs, an encyclopedia of educational resources, and a new events integration.

Their target audience will have an easier time navigating the site, finding the educational resources they need, and getting involved with the cause by donating, volunteering, attending events, or even shopping their branded merchandise.

Learn more about the SAVE the BEE pro-bono project by reading the case study here.