ATF Launches New Site for L.H. Dottie

ATF Launches New Site for L.H. Dottie

Above The Fray has successfully launched L.H. Dottie’s new Magento 2 site with exciting new features.

L.H. Dottie’s new website is officially live and we’re thrilled to have taken this rescue project successfully to launch.

L.H. Dottie is an industry-leading supplier of construction parts for professionals in Electrical, Plumbing, Industrial, Low Voltage, Renewable Energy, and HVAC. Their team came to us looking for help to take over their website migration from Drupal to Magento 2. The replatform was already in progress but they had lost faith in their previous agency who didn’t adequately take the time to truly understand the business needs before diving into the project.

This rescue project brought together our highly experienced team of Business Analysts, Technical Architects, and Master Engineers to architect and orchestrate intricate solutions to a number of complex business processes. Ultimately, building out a robust ecommerce website with value-add features including a solution for updating millions of customer-specific pricing records, eliminating the need for redundant data entry, connecting their Oracle ERP integrator, and more.

"Seeing this project go from the state it was in when we got it to the fully functional, feature-rich ecommerce site it is today is incredibly rewarding, but I have to say it's even more rewarding to know that we were able restore the L.H. Dottie team’s excitement for ecommerce again."
Sara Robinson
Sr. Project Manager, ATF
Learn more about the L.H. Dottie Rescue Project by reading the case study here.