We’re not just protecting your customers, we’re protecting your business.

With Above The Fray by your side, you can rest easy knowing your website is being monitored 24/7 for downtime and performance barriers, and that we’re standing by to act on your behalf when problems arise.

To help you keep your website up and running efficiently, ATF offers the following services included in our site monitoring packages:


Up-time Monitoring

Automatic testing of your website’s availability and performance, to ensure that your website is online and shoppable by your customers. We alert you of a problem as soon as it occurs & quickly put proper resources in place to fix the problem.


Site Speed

We analyze the speed at which your website loads and monitor page speed from different locations to see how this impacts your website’s performance.


Patch & Version Monitoring

We take care of tracking all the various updates & security patches for whichever software your website was built on. We proactively alert you as these updates become available.


Server Monitoring

Get alerted when custom thresholds of RAM, CPU and disk usage are exceeded.


SSL & Domain Monitoring

Be alerted ahead of time so you never forget to renew your domains or certificates again.


Application Monitoring

We monitor and analyze the performance of your software applications, collecting data and identifying bottlenecks and other issues that can affect user experience.

Platforms we provide security support for:

Let ATF ensure your website is running smoothly, efficiently, and operating at its best.

Get notified immediately when your site, and revenues, are at risk. Our team of website experts offer comprehensive monitoring features, immediate alerts and notifications, and reliable customer support, providing you with everything you need to ensure your website is always operating and performing at its best. Give us a call today to get started.

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