ATF Is Now BigCommerce BigDev Certified

ATF Is Now BigCommerce BigDev Certified

Above The Fray is proud to announce John Francis Legaspi is BigCommerce certified developer! John Francis has been attending classes to hone his development skills on BigCommerce, and now has the certification to show for it. As a BigCommerce partner, our team of experienced developers has been helping clients build and maintain websites on the platform for several years but we wanted to gain an even deeper knowledge of the platform which spurred our interest in acquiring the additional certification.

BigDev Boot Camp

BigDev Boot camp helped our developer John Francis ensure that he is ready to tackle any development challenges he may face. We all know searching through forums and dev chats can be a huge time sink. Every session was a real-time training session where BigCommerce trainers would teach concepts thoroughly and answer questions on the spot, talk about a real investment by BigCommerce to the success of our developer. We were thankful for the remote training option with BigDev classes, John Francis was able to log in from virtually anywhere, allowing him to get the most out of his training and achieve that work-life balance we all love. Classes were well organized and outlined with clear documentation, teaching John Francis everything from APIs, and theme building, to the complex intricacies of Stencil CLI. At the end of every class, John Francis was given a working log session and clear documentation of the day’s lesson, allowing him to practice the practical use of what he learned. Here at Above The Fray we are so proud of John Francis Legaspi and his achievement to better himself and our team.


Awesome boot camp! Every topic was explained thoroughly and the classes equipped us with everything we need to venture deep into BigCommerce development. The boot camp gave me everything I needed and the knowledge of what to expect while working in BigCommerce. From catalog APIs to Stencil CLI every aspect of this training supplied us with the necessary understanding and knowledge on how to use BigCommerce to our advantage.

John Francis Legaspi

ATF Engineer

Elevate Rapid Deployment Solution for BigCommerce

John Francis has used all he’s learned from the BigDev Certification program to develop a new custom theme for rapid deployments on BigCommerce. With our new Elevate BigCommerce Rapid Deployment Solution, Above The Fray can take any B2B manufacturing company and have their new site live and ready to take orders within weeks.

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