ATF Just Launched New Site for Malka Diamonds

ATF Just Launched New Site for Malka Diamonds

Above The Fray gave Malka Diamond's Shopify website a new polished look and feel, while simplifying their existing complicated admin setup.

Malka Diamond’s new website just launched and we are finally able to share it.  From months of planning to months of designing and engineering, it’s always so exciting to be able to share the final result! is a full-service jewelry boutique located in Portland, OR, serving the Pearl District since 2010. Malka has spent the last decade establishing a reputation for high-quality jewelry and exemplary customer service.

Malka wanted their new website to expand their ecommerce sales, but they wanted to maintain the brick-and-mortar store part of their business as their core. With this in mind, they did not want the site to feel like a traditional ecommerce site, but rather an expansion of their physical storefront, or a digital version of browsing a jewelry case in-store.

With all of this in mind, Above the Fray designed Malka Diamond’s new Shopify site to be focused around collections rather than traditional product categories, mimicking the layout you would experience in-store.

ATF also added a custom ring builder to the new Shopify site. This was added to help gather key customer information including what the customer is looking for, but also their contact information for Malka to follow up after and help the customer find the perfect ring. 

With all Malka had invested in SEO over the years, protecting their organic rankings was another layer to this multifaceted project. ATF worked closely with the SEO partner Malka had been engaged with for the last several years to prioritize and add the content from Malka’s top-ranking pages and incorporate them into the new design. This provided for a cohesive look and gave protection for Malka’s hard-earned SEO ranking. Problem solved!

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