Magento Email Marketing Integration

There’s nothing worse than a boring canned email. You already know your brand isn’t boring, but your customers have to know it, too. Often, merchants fall into the trap of sending out one-size-fits-all messages that end up trashed, leading to abandoned carts and missed sales. Don’t make the same mistake. With the right marketing tools integrated into your Magento site, you can send personalized email content based on the activity your customers and potential customers have on site to increase customer acquisition, improve brand retention, and most importantly, build loyalty.

Personalization = Email Marketing Success

Email marketing tools have a wide range of capabilities. From free tools with no frills to robust options with nearly endless segmentation and automation, we can help you integrate the best option for your business needs. Audience segments can be defined based on events, profile properties, location, predicted values, and more — and they can be used to create automated email flows to reach every type of customer with just the right message at just the right time.

Some of the CRMs we’ve integrated with Magento:

Magento Email Marketing Integration Consultation

Skip the second guessing and get an expert’s opinion. If you have a few questions regarding the best email marketing tools for your business, Above the Fray is happy to provide top-notch consultation services for your B2C or B2B company. We don’t stop at just problem-solving -- we’ll help you get where you need to go with the right tools and strategy.