Snowy Mountain Rifles

Harnessing Brand Power Into Digital Commerce

Snowy Mountain Rifle’s WooCommerce site was good in the beginning but a decade later it started to misfire. The hunt for a better solution began. Their aim for a new site was to mirror the exceptional quality of their handcrafted custom rifles. They bit the bullet and re-platformed to Magento 2 to gain power, range, and precision just like their loyal customers expect of their rifles.

Magento 2

The Challenge

There was plenty of ammunition to rebuild Snowy Mountain Rifles. Most of their issues were resolved once they pulled the trigger on the M2 launch. ATF killed design in one shot. We created a theme with strong lines, high contrast, and a clean layout that attracts their target customers as well as elevates the brand image to match the sophistication of their products and services.


• Custom Configurator
• UX Design
• Graphic Design
• M2 Cloud Development
• Logo Refresh

Project Highlights

The new site was a hit! Improved ability to add products, categories, and manage orders alleviated their previous site’s squibs.

Product Specific Templates

Since the rifle product photos have a much different aspect ratio than the parts catalog, we included rifle-specific templates to best showcase their products.


Custom shipping engine specifically to adhere to Federal Law mandating that firearms may only be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer

Customize Your Rifle

At the heart of SMR is the ability to customize your rifle. ATF created a custom configurator to allow customers to build their rifle to order directly on the product page.

Events Calendar

Deeply involved in both their community and the industry, we built an interactive CMS event calendar for Snowy Mountain. 


For the M2 build, we narrowed down their extensive M1 list of integrations to the few that automated and streamlined their daily processes the most.


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