Spectra/Auto Plus Solutions

The Road to Success

Auto Plus Solutions is a leading supplier of aftermarket parts and supplies for automotive service centers. Their existing ecommerce solution for existing B2B customers was powered by VeraCore, but it lacked the functionality and streamlined UX they knew users expected from a business of their size. Wanting to simplify ordering and modernize the buying experience for their service center customers, Spectra came to us on behalf of Auto Plus Solutions for help.

Magento 2

The Challenge

Auto Plus Solutions’ old website used login credentials that were shared by thousands of customers. Not only was this a PCI compliance issue, but it was a roadblock in the way of them using the site as intended to segment customer groups for different catalogs and pricing, track order history, and make reordering easy. They needed an ecommerce solution for B2B sales that was integrated with their ERP but looked and functioned like a modern B2C website.

Project Highlights

Auto Plus Solutions’ new website went from 0 to 60 fast with features and enhancements designed with their target user in mind.

Unique Customer Logins

Individual login credentials enhance security and keep customer order information on record for quick reorders.

B2B Features

Auto Plus Solutions can add a new customer group in the admin at any time to show different products, pricing, and specials to different customer groups.

Improved Navigation

Updated design features a clean top navigation with icons that make it simple to find the products customers are looking for.

Featured Offers

New look showcases featured products, special offers, and discounts available on the homepage and in the drop down menu.



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