ATF Launches New Crabtree Kitchen + Bar Site

ATF Launches New Crabtree Kitchen + Bar Site

After successfully launching just a few short months ago, Crabtree Kitchen + Bar was up next for Crabtree Brands.

We are so excited to finally be able to share the latest from the Crabtree brand of restaurants and retail shops, Crabtree Kitchen + Bar.  The Crabtree family has a vision of unifying the digital experience for all of their brands, making it easy for customers to navigate between and make a purchase from all of their stores, with one shared cart and a seamless shopping experience. is the latest brand to launch and further fulfill that vision. ATF is thrilled to be a part of this venture and beyond proud to show off the final product!

Crabtree Kitchen + Bar is a farm-to-table restaurant located in Poulsbo, Washington. The Crabtree family owns and operates a collection of restaurants and retail outfits in the food and drink industry. Their portfolio includes two restaurants, a liquor store, a chocolate shop & their very own cattle farm – they have all the bases covered. 

Along with unifying the shopping experience, Crabtree wanted the ability to give product recommendations between their different stores. It only made sense that a customer ordering an entree from Crabtree Kitchen + Bar would be able to easily order a bottle of wine from High Spirits Liquor that pairs well with their entree choice, all in one cart and checkout experience. 

The new Adobe Commerce 2 site connects the many stores together in a seamless manner, which improves the user experience and ultimately drives sales. The site also features smart product recommendations, which are featured on the product display pages. They recommend upsell and cross-sell suggestions to the customer, across the various Crabtree brands, to enhance the shopping experience and simplify the buying process. 

In addition to the new Kitchen + Bar site, also has its own “parent company” website which links to the various brand pages, making it easy to view the Company’s entire brand portfolio all in one place. The various sites also have a top-level navigation bar that is consistent across their domains, which allows users to easily navigate from one store to the next. 

During the checkout process, users can select takeout or delivery and set a specific date and time. ATF built this custom online ordering system to give Crabtree Kitchen + Bar the flexibility to use their own delivery drivers and avoid paying third-party fees.

You can learn more about the Crabtree Kitchen + Bar project and other ATF projects on our portfolio page. Do you have a project you’d like to talk about? Drop us a line!