The Crab Place

Premium Fresh Delivered

The Crab Place has been shipping True Blue Maryland Crabs and other premium seafood products to happy customers all over the U.S. since 1997. With a unique packing and delivery process, their products are always fresh but their outdated website had grown stale and wasn’t a match for their premium offerings. They reached out to ATF ready to upgrade their digital presence.

Magento 2

The Challenge

With options to order live or steamed; male or female; standard, premium, or colossal; and four different seasoning choices; streamlining the ordering process for a clean ecommerce checkout and improved user experience was a must. On top of that, The Crab Place wanted to better showcase their positive reviews and resources for their customers in a way that was easy to access but didn’t clutter the design.


• UX/UI design
• Information architecture

Project Highlights

The Crab Place’s new design showcases their outstanding product in the way it deserves and makes it easier to order than ever before.

Simplified Product Page

Crab type, size, order quantity, and seasoning options are all clearly laid out and selectable from one product page in a familiar ecommerce experience.

Customer Resources

Instructional videos and recipes are now featured as tabbed content to provide customer resources without overwhelming the product page.

Featured Reviews

In addition to prominently showcasing star reviews on the product pages, we also created a page dedicated to testimonials and user generated content.


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