Scaling Operations via Digital Transformation

This is a story about changing the game of custom youth sports uniforms. A workflow that previously took weeks and a DOZEN people to pull off has been streamlined with beautiful tooling, brilliant automations and future proof systems architecture. 

66% reduction in manual intervention

What once took 12 people now takes 4.

700% reduction in time to go live

For new customer stores and products

Highlights include:

  • Adobe Commerce Marketplace instantly creates unique league web stores where custom uniforms and promotional gear can be purchased by athletes
    • Lead time for new webstores reduced from 2-3 DAYS DOWN TO 2-3 HOURS
  • Product Configurator to create and share dazzling proofs featuring unique league logos embellished on thousands of different garment options
    • Getting a proof created, approved and on the web reduced FROM 7 DAYS DOWN TO 2 DAYS
  • Two-way Integration between Adobe Commerce and Microsoft Dynamics ERP to enable:
    • Automated customer and digital asset approval workflow
    • BOM creation to trigger hundreds of made-to-order supply chain requests daily
    • Real-time inventory increments
    • PO tracking and invoice automation

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