B&B Manufacturing

Better Connectivity

Midwest-based parts manufacturer, B&B Manufacturing, produces more than 27,000 different precision mechanical components and drive train parts. They sell their catalog using a network of distributors located throughout the U.S. and Canada. In an effort to provide their dealers with accurate inventory and pricing information and reduce the load on their internal team, B&B reached out to ATF for help building a custom API that would allow end users to access up-to-date information without the need for the B&B team to pull and send manual reports.


The Challenge

B&B inventory information was stored in an ERP SQL Server database and their pricing information was managed on an excel spreadsheet. We needed to build a custom database to track pricing information and build a custom API to read both the ERP inventory data and pricing data to provide the user with the correct combined data when an API request is made. Because the API request would be extracting data from B&B’s internal network, security was a top priority. The API was provisioned on a Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.  We configured a secure pipeline between the cloud infrastructure and the ERP where the API requests were funnelled and a response sent back to the end user.


• Custom ERP Integration

Project Highlights

ERP Integration

To report the inventory data that was stored in their E2 Shop System ERP, we built a custom integration to automate the flow of information.

Security Protocol

We used OAuth2.0 security mechanisms for managing the API authentication and authorization. The data exchange was over an HTTP protocol.

Data Management Interface

B&B needed to be able to self-manage the database so we built a custom interface that allows them to create, read, update and delete the data.



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